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Sensational Therapies is a Pediatric Occupational Therapy and Physical therapy private practice that serves children, newborn through teenage years.  We offer a wide range of services to address sensory processing, motor coordination, and fine motor and gross motor development. 


We are committed to help make your child’s journey towards growth and development, a fun and enriching experience. We help build solid foundations using enjoyable and challenging activities with a focus on function. We work cooperatively with classroom teachers, speech language pathologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, behaviorists and learning consultants so that your child has a comprehensive therapeutic experience.


"Helping small hands do big things"


Jodi provides a level of support and care that is immeasurable.  With her help, my son transformed from a preschooler unable to function in school to a little boy who is now confident, controlled, social and happy.  She really “got” our son right away and designed sessions and strategies to support him both at home and in school.  She is incredibly collaborative, always going above and beyond to connect with us as well as Jay’s teachers and other therapists to ensure we were all working towards the same goals.  My family is beyond grateful for Jodi and I highly recommend her to anyone in need.-Brooke

Jodi has worked with both my boys for several years. She brings the right balance of patience and challenge to each of her clients to enable them to grow and overcome any obstacles. She creates an engaging and nurturing environment that is welcoming for children of all ages. She takes the time with parents/caregivers and teachers alike to make sure in session strategies are applied to real life scenarios so that each of her clients is set up for success. I cannot thank Jodi enough for her expertise and support which has been instrumental in my children’s development.-Amy

Sensational Therapies has been an integral part of my sons growth and development over the last 2 years. Jodi has come to understand my child and his needs and has worked hard on those to help him overcome some of his sensory issues. She has been a support for myself (the mother) and has helped guide me in school and outside related issues. My son looks forward to attending therapy each week. I look forward to his continued growth there. -Staci

A friend at my son’s nursery school referred us to Sensational Therapies. My son, age 5, needed support for his fine motor skills.  We quickly saw a difference in not only his skills but his confidence. He loved going each week because Sara made it fun and engaging.  He is now thriving in kindergarten. We are so grateful to the team at Sensational Therapies. -Pam

We have come so far since we started working with Riki! During the pandemic with virtual sessions, she quickly pivoted to creative solutions to treat our child’s SPD. Through therapy, we learned that much of the stimuli that disrupted behavior was tied to emotions that were hard for a (then) 6 year old to express. Over time, my child has learned to identify complex and sometimes contradictory feelings and with therapy, has built an awareness to handle uncomfortable situations and overcome new obstacles. Going from the “meltdown” and unpredictability of transitions, to a place where my child can meet new or changing situations with confidence has been the greatest gift to us parents.-Jamie

Our son Oliver sees Kristen for OT once a week. We can’t say enough wonderful things about her and the center as a whole. Kristen has structured, sensory stimulating activities planned for Oliver. The growth he has had has been amazing to see. As a special educator myself, I hold high standards to related service providers who work with Oliver. Sensational therapies  has given Oliver everything he has needed to have continued success. -Robin

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